We are now installing the next-generation traffic detection from FLIR at the Øresund Bridge

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The replacement to new advanced AID cameras (Automatic Incident Detection) has now begun at the Øresund Bridge. It is the first installation in Sweden of FLIR's latest Trafibot model, where the detection intelligence is built into the camera. The project is part of our 5-year agreement with the Øresund Bridge Consortium, and is done in collaboration with Teledyne FLIR and Coor Service Management.

The project involves replacing old cameras with separate video analysis, with new cameras where the analysis takes place directly in the camera. This solution creates several new values for the Øresund Bridge. The new improved algorithms in the cameras ensure that the operators receive the alarms that are relevant to real events and can thus concentrate on what is important. The cameras' image performance has been significantly improved as they have taken the step to high-resolution cameras from older analog ones.

With well planned preparations, we have managed to bypass many of the possible problems that could arise in the camera exchange. For example, we have filmed all the pipe ducts out to the cameras to ensure that the pipes are not clogged and to get their exact length.

In this way, each fiber cable has been able to be pre-produced in the right length to avoid time-consuming welding in the tunnel. The cameras come pre-assembled/pre-programmed and tested from ISG NORDIC's PreProd department in Höganäs in order to streamline the replacement on site in the tunnel.

As the video analysis now is made in the camera, the facility is reduced in equipment, which facilitates future service work. As a bonus, the new facility uses less electricity, which today is an important goal for a more sustainable climate.


The project is done in collaboration with Teledyne FLIR and Coor Service Management. We have a long collaboration with them and the Øresund Bridge, which has given us a deep knowledge of the facility and the customer's needs. This creates the best conditions for a successful result. Thanks for a great cooperation in this project!

Photo: Steen Brogaard/Øresundsbron

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