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"We summarize our customer solutions in 10 areas. I prefer to summarize it: What the customer needs - and a little bit more."
Jonas, CEO

Solutions & services

We help companies and organizations to monitor and protect people and their valuable assets - the most important things they have!

We do this to increase their safety, efficiency or quality - and also for their customers, visitors and employees. We have been doing this for 30 years and in about 4,000 projects.

We have summarized our most sought after solutions in the following 10 areas. Most important though, is to understand each customers needs and requirement to create a tailored solution that gives your desired results. We would like to meet you and understand more how we can contribute to increased safety, efficiency and quality for you.

Feel free to contact me and I will guide you to the right area or person.

Robert, Business Area Manager
High-risk facilities – advanced solutions
Detect traffic and analyze incidents
Automation and control of industry processes
City Surveillance – Safer Cities
Public areas – Keep track of many people
Monitor material and assets in large areas
Hypermarkets – safety for customers and staff
Offices and properties – security and efficiency
Integration of systems – safety and production
Tailor-made cameras and system solutions

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